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Decision Making Made Easy


How do you make your decisions?

Do you struggle making big decisions?

Are you wanting to move your life forward right now, but are you struggling with making those big decisions?

The best way to make a decision is to use all three of your natural instincts; gut, heart and head, but to not let one of the three take over. Keep it equal.


Most people have this, but they choose to ignore it, men especially. Think of it as a sixth sense, mothers natural instinct . It might be a tiny little niggle in your tummy, a weird feeling, something that just feels a bit off. LISTEN to that feeling. Its usually right.

An example is when my youngest was little. The doctors (many of them) were telling me one thing but my gut was saying F*** this, they're wrong. I just know they're wrong. That was my gut talking. I don't have a medical qualification, but I just knew, my gut was screaming, they're wrong. And I was right, my gut was right. I'm definitely ruled by my gut and I do open myself and listen to it.


If you are more the emotional type, then you'll be more inclined to go with your heart. Going with your heart does have it's advantages though. Think when you buy a house, you walk in and your heart just sings, this is so right!


Most of us I think, tend to be ruled by our head. We can't do such and such because it's dangerous, because it costs too much, because it's risky.... But you do need to listen to your head in equal measure to your heart and gut, otherwise you'd probably be broke and not happy long term


So if right now you are wanting to make a big decision, if it's something that you just really can't decide on, then I reckon that your heart and gut are battling hard with your head big time!


OK, so lets say you want to jump onto a course, but it's really expensive.


Your heart is probably in charge initially and it's telling you that you really want to do the course. The course will bring you joy, it may help you to change your path in life, you'll meet like minded people, you'll grow from it. It's all positive. So listen to your heart and write down all those thoughts.


Your gut is really simple. It just blurts it out and says it as it is. I think of my gut like an American big, hairy roadie (it's just me!) Your gut just says go for it. Simple


Now your head is way trickier and can be a bit of a party pooper. Your head may put the negative, but also rightfully so, the realistic side of the conversation into the mix. Your head will say; what about the cost, you don't have time, you won't cope, you're not clever enough, it will be a waste of time, you won't use the skills you've learnt. The head is down to earth and practical. I find the head a bit boring, but I'm ruled by my gut, so I would.


So first of all you need to work out who you are. Do you naturally go with your gut, heart or head when making decisions. Then you need to put that one to one side and work on the other two. So if you are naturally a head person, you need to put that to one side and start to nurture and open your ears to what your heart and gut are saying. I think people ruled by their head will find this trickier than if you are ruled by gut and heart


Then you need to write it all down. Three boxes. What your heart says, your head and your gut. Try and make each box equal so that your thoughts are even.


Be careful of the head being louder than the other two. Head can also be FEAR disguised as Mr. Practical, Mr. Down to earth, Mr. I'm just trying to keep you safe. Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of getting it wrong, fear of looking stupid. So be really mindful of that when you make your decisions. Fear can stop you in your tracks before you've even finished writing your list. Put the fear to one side, breathe and look at the positives of the situation again.


So what are you? Heart, head or gut. You can be a mix, but most people are ruled by one or two. But now you know why you're struggling so much with your decision making, it might make it easier.


My gut is just screaming to you - "Just do the Fu****g course!" 😂😂

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