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No one stayed committed to an exercise routine they didn't enjoy

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you in my motivational Pilates and Pilates Conditioning classes. At the forefront of all my classes is not only for you to be taught excellent technique, but for you to fully enjoy the class, make new friends and for it to become that hour in your week that you really look forward to.

Monday Morning - Smallwood Village Hall

​9.25am - Pilates Conditioning

10.30am - Improver Pilates


Monday Evening - Smallwood Village Hall

​6.30pm - Improver Pilates 

7.35pm - Improver Pilates

Tuesday Evenings - Smallwood Village Hall

6.30pm - Pilates Conditioning​​

7.30pm - Improver Pilates

Wednesday Morning - Ettiley Heath Community Centre

​​9.25am - Pilates Conditioning

10.30am - Improver Pilates

Wednesday Evenings - Gutterscroft Centre, Haslington

​​6.30pm - Improver Pilates

7.35pm - Complete Beginner Pilates


Thursday Evening - Ettiley Heath Community Centre

9.10am - Improver Pilates

6.30pm - Pilates Conditioning

7.35pm - Improver Pilates 



Please note once payment has been made there can be no refunds. Please check your times and dates carefully

If you have any back/medical issues, please see your GP/Physio for clearance before booking. Please note I am NOT a Physio/Clinical Pilates Instructor. This is a general Pilates class for generally healthy people, NOT a clinical Pilates class.


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A comprehensive class that will teach you the very basic Pilates principles


If you've never participated in Pilates before or you are a relative beginner, this comprehensive course is just for you.


A fully inclusive, welcoming and friendly group, the class is limited to 14 participants, so I can correct technique on an individual basis.

Firstly, we will concentrate on the fundamentals of Pilates; centering, lateral breathing, correcting body alignment and then each week we will work through a series of exercises that will help to increase your strength, mobility and flexibility, whilst concentrating on correct technique, body alignment and posture correction.

By the end of the course I can guarantee you will have a very sound knowledge of every aspect of Pilates and will be more than ready to move onto an Improvers class. 

Yoga Class



Increase your flexibility, mobility. Work on your balance, core strength and start to feel fitter and stronger

This class is suitable for those who have completed my Complete Beginner Pilates course, have done some Pilates before and who have a good knowledge of the Pilates Principles. 

*If you have never done Pilates before I recommend you joining my Complete Beginner Pilates class

Each course will always start with a complete and thorough refresher of the basic Pilates Principles.

I will adapt each exercise, working at different levels; strong beginner and improver to suit each individual.

If you want to stay at strong beginner level for the whole course and work on your technique, that is absolutely fine. However, if you feel ready to challenge yourself, we can adapt each of the exercises so that you leave the class feeling challenged. 

The exercises you do will help to increase your strength, mobility and flexibility, whilst concentrating on correct technique, body alignment and posture correction.

**If you are looking for advanced Pilates, this class is NOT for you**

Dance Class


Perfect for all levels., contact me if you're unsure

Get stronger, more toned, improve your cardiovascular system, improve your balance, co ordination, core strength and flexibility in this low impact, but highly effective class.

Perfect for peri and menopausal women, but everybody welcome!

By training in a slower and more controlled way and using the Pilates principles of control, concentration, centering, breath, flow and precision, you will work the whole body from the deep core muscles, making your work out much more effective.​​

We'll focus on strength, core, balance, flexibility and cardio. However it is all low impact, so your joints will not be impacted.

We will use light weights in the class, but this is optional.

After a warm up, we'll focus on


Lower body

Upper body

Core Strength - abdominals and back

You'll have worked hard and feel completely energised, but you won't have put pressure on your joints as the class is totally low impact.

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