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I'm busy at the moment creating a self- led online and small group course, specifically for peri and menopausal women. Read on to find out more.

Whilst my course is cooking, why not sign up below and get instant access to my Menopause Top Tips which will help you to understand what's happening to your body and give you ways to deal with the hot flushes, weight gain and everything else!

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👉You're late 30's/early 40's plus

👉All of a sudden you're feeling tired all the time 

👉You're having hot flushes and night sweats

👉Your body aches all over

👉You don't feel like you anymore

👉You're putting weight on quickly, especially around the middle

👉You're not sure if it's the menopause or not. You just feel awful all the time

👉Your confidence and motivation has dipped

👉You want to understand what is happening to your body - you want to educate yourself

👉You just don't feel like YOU anymore

👉You want to spend some more time on YOU, finding who YOU are again


If you ticked YES to a number of the above then you are probably in peri menopause without even knowing it. My course will help you to understand what's going on with your body and arm you with a menopause toolkit that will empower you to make positive - easy to implement - changes to your life


✔ Menopause Simplified will help you to pin point what stage of menopause you are at

✔ Educate you about why your body is doing what it's doing

✔ Help you get answers to your problems and practical ways to help you feel more confident and more like YOU again


​​I know, you're busy and you don't need more adding to your to do list!

This is why I've broken this menopause programme down into five, easy to digest, bite sized chunks of valuable information, motivation and education.


I call these my "wellbeing boxes" These boxes along with motivation from me will help you to implement valuable and positive changes into your life simply and easily.


The first module will be about what's happening to your body during both peri and menopause and then we will look at the four "wellbeing boxes"



These boxes work holistically together to create a simple health and wellbeing plan that you will be able to easily implement into your life now and forever. See below for more information on what can be found in the "wellbeing boxes"

As well as the online, self led learning package, we will also put together a simple exercise and nutrition plan, one that is easily manageable and one that works for YOU.

I'll keep you motivated throughout the programme until you are confident enough to go it alone.

Please note this is not a get thin quick plan, this is an - easy to implement into your life -  lifetime fitness and wellbeing plan.

Keep reading to see what I have planned and don't forget to sign up for my Menopause Top Tips below!

Happy Woman


Knowledge is Power

Educate yourself about what's happening to your body and take back control.

At the moment you're probably feeling totally confused. I get asked the following questions a lot and maybe you're feeling like this too - How long does menopause last? Are these symptoms menopause or something else? I have no idea what HRT is all about, can you explain it to me? When will it end? What can I do to stop the hot flushes?

The questions go on and on, which is why I've put the course together.  

My course will take you through exactly what's happening to your body in a really simplified, yet thorough way so that you can make positive changes to your life and thrive during and beyond Menopause

An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea


Positive mindset - It's so easy as we head into the menopause to give up on staying healthy - everything just seems so hard! But I want to change that. In this wellbeing box, we'll talk about ways in which you can get YOU back! Menopause can be a really positive part of your life and I want you to turn your negativity into a new positive mindset. First we'll delve deep and find out who you are and work on getting that person who might have been lost for a while back in the here and now!

Healthy Woman


Nutrition - Our bodies change so much during menopause. So much so, that what we used to be able to eat and drink now suddenly has a negative affect on us. In this wellbeing box we'll discuss nutrition and how to nourish our bodies with the good stuff.
We won't be taking diets, we'll be talking about what we can eat and drink and what supplements you can take (if you want to) that will make us feel fantastic, what you should be eating to stay mind and body healthy.

Practicing Yoga at Home


Movement - activity - You'll notice I've not titled this box exercise. That's because as we head into menopause, it's more important to move daily than it is to maybe exercise like a crazy person once a week for an hour. All of a sudden you will probably be noticing that you are waking up with aches and pains, you can't stretch like you used to and you put weight on easier. We'll look at all of this and I'll help you to put a simple exercise plan together that is manageable and that works!

Relaxing at Home


De stress - Stress plays a big part on our bodies during the menopause and now is the time that you need to really assess how you deal with stress, how you relax and how you start to put YOU first once again. At this stage of your life big things are happening; kids are off to uni, you may take early retirement, some people make huge decisions to change jobs. All of a sudden you are starting to get you back and you need to start putting you first. We'll look at how you can de stress, get you back and have some me time without the guilt. For some women midlife is a sudden awakening, an opportunity to make a fresh start. To make changes that should have been made a long time ago, but now you suddenly have the confidence and the "I don't give a stuff" attitude to just go for it!

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