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Where do you spend your energy?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Who do you give your energy to?​ You wake up every morning with a full cup of energy and it's completely up to YOU how you spend that energy and who you DECIDE to give it to.​ Do you spend that energy well? Have a think about how today is going..... Are you left at the end of today feeling negative, exhausted, reaching for the wine or do you feel tired and happy. Do you feel that you have had a positive day that has been filled with getting stuff done and with people who make you feel amazing?​ If you feel negative and exhausted, think back to your day and figure out where and with whom you have spent most of your energy? Was it with negative people​ Was it doing a task you hate​ Was it being with a group of people you no longer love spending time with​ ​Was is surfing social media Was it watching the news

Go back over your day and really think how you could have tweaked it to make it more positive and less draining.​ You only get one cup of energy a day, so make sure you spend it well! ​If you've always been the giver in life, maybe now it's time to start thinking about being the taker. If there is one good thing about mid life, it's the fact that we become much more confident in being "us" and knowing who we are, being strong minded to say, it's all about ME now. P.S - Don't feel guilty or feel like you're being selfish either. This is your life, your energy, so go ahead and live/spend it your way!​

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