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Ways to Help Brain Fog


If you are peri or menopausal you will probably at some point have experienced a bit of brain fog!

If you come to my classes, you will have noticed that I definitely do on a regular basis! Most of the time I ask you to reach for your........and totally forget the body part name!

So I, like you am keen to learn what I can do to help during this time.

Oestrogen is diminishing and this is the main reason why your brain is foggy, you forget words and your brain just doesn't seem as clear as it once was.

Night sweats can cause lack of sleep and dehydration, so those are two things you need to concentrate on; resting well, taking time out to relax and drinking plenty of water. Your brain is made up of 75% water, so it's a no brainer (!!) to drink more of the free stuff!

As usual, reducing sugar and alcohol, which can be stopping your nervous system relaxing, which will in turn stop you sleeping.

It's also good to remember though, that most of the time, brain fog is something that is temporary as we transition through the menopause and you can get back to your usual switched on self as you come out the other end!

However, ​ now is the time you really need to focus on looking after yourself, ​ by watching what you eat and making sure you move regularly.

Eat a Mediterranean diet, ​ lots of good fats, legumes, beans, vegetable,s eat the rainbow, loads of water as I have already mentioned and exercise regularly!

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