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Relax - Easier said than done hey!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


So mush easier said than done hey?!​

Why do we struggle so much to relax? Well there are many reasons, but I think for most of us it is ingrained in us to be busy; to be useful, to always be on the go. It makes us feel wanted, needed, important maybe. ​

Kids nowadays are never left to be bored, they've always got to be doing something; going on a play date, watching TV, playing a game, doing, doing, doing!! It's not good! These kids will grow up not knowing how to do nothing, they will have no idea how to relax and they won't realise just how important it is - it's just as important, if not more so as being busy! Let your kids get bored. Trust me, the whining will stop after a while. They need to know that it's ok to do nothing, it's ok to relax.​

I think that secretly we love saying how busy we are and that there isn't enough time in the day for us to get everything done or to even think straight. But really it's not something we should be proud of.​

It's also ingrained in us to feel guilty (I think we've ALL felt mothers guilt!) if we have nothing to do, if we sit down in the afternoon and have 10 minutes doing nothing, 10 minutes just for us; no phones or ipads, just us, a cup of tea and our thoughts. God forbid if we stuck an afternoon film on!​

Well I think that that needs to change. We shouldn't be boasting that we are too busy to have 5 minutes to relax. We shouldn't ever feel guilty for doing something we love, just for us, we should embrace that and do more of it every day. ​ We should have little nuggets of me time whenever we feel it necessary and NOT feel GUILTY!​

I'm pretty busy and most of the time I cope really well, but I've learnt over the years that sometimes I just have to stop and do nothing at all, so my body and my mind can kind of catch up. ​

I used to feel guilty about this, but not anymore. Now if I have an hour and my body is crying out to just stop, I listen to it and that's exactly what I do. I stop. I leave the dishes, the emails, the kids and I just stop. And guess what? The world doesn't end!​

Equally I've always, always had ME TIME and always put my fitness first above anything else. If you don't put your health first, no one else will and if you go down, trust me, the whole damn ship will, so your health is SO important. ​

Fitness is my me time, it's my social time, it's what I love and it's when I most feel like me, like Ali! I'm not mum or wife or dog walker, I'm simply Ali and I love that I have that in my life. Whenever life gets tough, I simply get my backside down to the gym and feel 100% better. Exercise has been good for my mental health, my physical health and my sanity a lot of the time!!​

What do you do that's just for you? What did you used to do that you no longer do and you miss, something that made you happier, that helped you to relax and get some me time back into your life. What should you do that makes you feel like YOU again!! ​

Whatever it is, do it. Life's way too short​

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