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My Menopause Story

I have always been healthy and fit. But when I headed into peri menopause I started to see big changes in my body.

The main things were

- Hot flushes

- Lack of energy

- I struggled to control my stress levels

- My joints ACHED!!

- I had less patience for my family

Initially I thought, ok, this is menopause, this is it now, this is me - get used to it!

But after a visit to my GP, initially for HRT, she did a few blood tests and put me onto iron tablets. Everything changed for me pretty quickly then. My joint ache diminished, a long term injury went away within a few weeks, my energy returned and suddenly my lust for life came back in abundance. I was the old Ali again!! 👊

This spurred me on massively to start making more changes to my life and now I follow my own advice every day and I have never, ever felt better!!

- I have more energy

- I am calmer

- I deal with stress better

- I am fitter/stronger

- My skin glows

- I am happier

- My sleep is the best its ever been

- I don't have good and bad days, every day is good

- I get ill less

- I have no peri menopausal symptoms

- My aches and pains have gone

So what did i do??

I have always exercised a lot, so movement wasn't an issue. So the main things i looked at were my nutrition, sleep, happiness and stress.

However, the two biggies for me and that have affected all those areas were to....

👊 ​ Cut out sugar

👊 ​ Cut alcohol

Just these two things have

- Bettered my sleep

- More energy

- Diminished all my peri menopausal symptoms

- Reduced my stress; helped me feel calmer, more in control

- Made me feel happier

🔥 Reducing just these two things will

- Naturally drop your weight

- You won't have energy highs and lows throughout the day

- You will feel much more in control and less stressed

- This means better food choices, less snacking

🔥I have made many other changes, but if you are wanting my top go to tip, it's to reduce these two things; sugar and alcohol 🔥

I have been doing this since November 2022 and can really and honestly tell you that I have seen a big difference in all areas of my life. When I went skiing recently I had a few drinks, I didn't eat as healthy and on my return home I felt dreadful; bloated, moody, I was having hot flushes again, my sleep was out of synch and I just felt awful. Even in just one week the difference to how i felt was massive. Now I know how GOOD I can feel I can also see just how BAD I can feel when my nutrition is off.

But remember, if you want to feel different, you really can, but the onus is on YOU. YOU have to be the diver of your own story. You can change, but you have to decide how much you want it.




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