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Monday Motivation

Yes, I know it's probably not Monday when you start reading this, but below I'll be telling you to get organised, so you need to start doing that today :)

Lot's of people see Monday as a fresh start, but the mistakes I see a lot with this mindset time and again, is complete overwhelm.

They want to change everything, every aspect of their life and it all starts........on MONDAY!!!!!

This puts a huge amount of extra pressure and stress onto you that you really don't need. You can't do everything, so you fail and give up......usually by Wednesday!!

So my advice to make change, whether that be to your diet, alcohol consumption, exercise, mindset etc is to....

➡ Keep it simple

You can't change everything all at once, so don't even attempt to. If you do try and change everything, you will most definitely fail; you'll feel bad, you'll beat yourself up with negative thoughts and you'll give up.

Small daily change is the key to your success. Remember that small, daily consistent change is better than big change that lasts a day or two.

➡ Take it one step at a time

Make small changes and be proud of yourself for making that small change each and every day. Take it one day at a time. Stop thinking ahead all the time and be proud of what you have achieved TODAY.

➡ Be organised - Think on, as my gran used to say!

Write a shopping list, write down the exercise you are going to do this week, check your calendar on Sunday and see where you might fall down. For example, are you busy at kids clubs on Wednesday evening? Plan a slow cooked evening meal for that night - Get the meal prepped the night before, pop it in the fridge and pop it on in the morning. It will be made for when you walk in the house , cold and tired! That way you'll not hit the freezer or opt for a take away that is high in saturated fat.

➡ Enjoy the journey

Change will not happen over night, it will take time, so you might as well enjoy the journey along the way. Enjoy creating new menus, enjoy how you feel now that you are eating better, drinking more water, drinking less alcohol and moving more!

➡ Be grateful.

Be grateful for what you have. Go to bed each night and state to yourself three things that you are grateful for. It's amazing how this small task re balances you, grounds you and helps you put things into perspective! So you fell off the wagon. So what! You have a loving family, you have your health, what's a small chocolate bar in the grand scheme of things? Just jump back on your diet tomorrow!

➡ Mindset

Change your mindset. Every time you hear yourself say, I can't. Change it. Our thoughts are EVERYTHING, so as well as looking outward, start looking in as well and notice how you are speaking to yourself each and every second of the day. Stop beating yourself up and let's start making bite sized changes!


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