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Just Do It!

I Have NO motivation!

I hear this a lot and I feel it myself sometimes.

If you are tired, exhausted, take a break and be easy on yourself. Give yourself some self care and allow yourself to relax.


If you just need a kick up the bum because you are being sloath like or even if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, then you need a big dose of motivation.


I can't motivate you, that has to come from YOU. You need to be 100% accountable for your own actions and decisions

YES, I can motivate you in class, for that one hour of your week, but I can't motivate you when you're on your own, when you've told yourself that you want to eat healthier, go for a run or be more active in your day.

Only YOU can do that.

So the sooner you take 100% responsibility for your actions and your choices, the sooner you will start to see a difference in your mindset and then in your mood and then in your body.


My husband and I are complete opposites, he's a thinker, a ponderer and he's hesitant about doing things outside his comfort zone. He has also been known to blame others for his bad choices. ("Why did you make such a nice meal, it was so nice of course I had to have a second helping" - blaming others for his bad choices!)

I'm a doer, I don't think, I just do and I take full responsibility for my actions, always have. If I eat crap, it's on me, I did it!

We've been together for 25 ish years and he's always been a little over weight and I've not.

I believe it's because I'm a doer and he's a thinker. I also think it's because I am good at taking full responsibilty. It's not a - I'm better than him - thing. It's totally a personality trait. However, I think if you're a thinker, you can change and become a doer.

You just need to not think and just DO IT!

On a Sunday morning I tell myself i'm going to the gym at 8am, I set my alarm, I get up, I don't think and I just do it. I don't give myself time to think about it.

For 25 years my husband has been going for a run on Sunday morning, but when his alarm goes off he doesn't just do it, just gets up, he thinks. It's cold, I'm tired, It's Sunday, I need a rest, I'll go tomorrow........and it goes on and on until I get back home and he says, oh, I wish I'd gone for a run now!!!

Does this sound similar to you?


So my advice is to not think, but to just do it. As soon as you stop to think, you won't go, you'll put it off, you'll make every excuse under the sun to not do it. And if you don't do it, you have no chance at all of making a change.

Start small - analyse your every day and start seeing when your thoughts get in the way of your actions. See how quickly you go from yes i'm going to go for a run/walk/eat healthier etc to I'll do it tomorrow, i'm tired etc. It's literally seconds for your mind to take over from your actions.

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