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3 Things to Help your Menopause Symptoms

1 - Quit Sugar

2 - Quit Alcohol

3 - Organise your sleep habits

​I know I'm asking you to give up the good stuff, but if you are truly feeling like cra@?! day in and day out, if you wake up every morning wanting to feel like YOU again, but you have no idea how to, then just start by doing these three things for 7 - 10 days and see how you feel.

You'll feel calmer.

And when you feel calmer, you sleep better. And when you sleep better, you have less brain fog, you feel more in control and you start to make better food choices, etc, etc, etc

So what is happening to your body right now during menopause?


As we approach menopause or are in it, oestrogen and progesterone start to decline.

Progesterone at a gradual rate, however, oestrogen is up and down and all over the place! Explaining why your mood is all over the place, your energy is up and down and also why sometimes you can drink alcohol and feel fine the next day and other times you can have one glass of wine and feel shocking!!! It can be because you are having a sudden spike in oestrogen and then a sudden dip.

Progesterone is the hormone that soothes our nervous system, so as it starts to decline, our bodies can't cope as well as it once did with stress. - have you noticed that?

So basically if you you add more stress to your life you are literally adding fuel to the fire.

Stress stresses your body

Sugar stresses your body

Alcohol stresses your body

Lack of sleep stresses your body.

So if we can give the alcohol and the sugar a miss for a week, our bodies are still struggling to cope with the stress of our everyday (and with the diminishing progesterone, our bodies are finding it so much harder!) but we are not adding to it.

Give it a go -

what have you got to lose and let me know how you feel in a weeks' time.

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