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So What's GOOD About Peri Menopause?

NOTHING I hear you shout!

But let's take a step back.


- feeling rubbish

- you've put weight on

- you ache all over

- you feel bloated

- you feel so tired all the time etc, etc...

I KNOW - I feel just like that and some!

You can do two things

DO NOTHING - You can simply do nothing and have the (rather old fashioned) attitude of I'm a midlife woman, this is me now, I might as well just get used to it. You sit back, stop exercising (what's the point!) eat rubbish food to feel better (you won't) and just get old, fat and probably very grumpy!

What you CAN do?

DO SOMETHING POSITIVE - You can see this time as a new start. A time to take a fresh look at your diet, exercise, your mindset and your wellbeing - putting YOU first for a change..

NOURISH - what foods make you feel good

MOVE - what exercise you should be doing

RELAX - how you look after your wellbeing

MIND - thinking positively

You feel rubbish right now, but there ARE things you can do once you look closely at the above four areas of your life.

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