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We are in week 5 of this term and I'm starting to notice a huge difference with my participants fitness and mindset

Like I always say - consistency is key to success

It's not just your body shape that changes (it does). I also see a massive change in mindset.

I see ladies with an "I can't" attitude, "that's too hard" attitude and the "what's the point, nothing works anyway" attitude and then drop off coming to class, to the...

I can

I'm feeling better, stronger, more positive

I feel more positive, I'll book onto two classes next term

I'm going to start running as well as coming to class

THIS mindset shift is when I see real CHANGE

I love seeing this mindset change more than I love seeing you achieve a roll up. Because this change in the way you view exercise means you don't see it as a chore any longer, but you see it as something that is not only good for you, but something that can make you feel great; mind and body!

Once your mindset changes, everything changes. You're happier, you make better food choices, you sleep better and you want to be more active which makes you feel even fitter and stronger. It's a cycle of just feeling better and better. What's not to love about that?

Keep coming to class, keep being consistent and start making real changes to your health, your body shape and to your mind

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