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Dry Jan and Sugar Free Jan DONE!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Well I've done it - Dry Jan and Sugar Free Jan DONE!​

How do I feel? - Fantastic!!​

~ Calmer​

~ More energy​

~ Lost weight and weight has not fluctuated like it usually does​

~ More relaxed​

~ Sleeping better​

~ ZERO hot flushes/sweats​

~ Have achieved more this month than usual​

~ Skin feels better - non itchy​

~ Lost the bloat​

~ Energy levels are not dipping during the day​

I basically feel 100% better in every way than I did back in December. So much so that I'm going to carry it on. I'll introduce sugar back into my diet, but I'll keep it to as natural as I can, so still no snacking on chocolate, biscuits and cakes. I'll be making energy balls, beetroot cake made with organic cacao etc...​


Do you want to give it a go in Feb? (shorter month) Here are some tips that might help...​

~ Sugar is very addictive. So take it one day at a time. You just need to get through the first 5 days and then it gets a lot easier​

~ Find a sugar replacement. Natural sugars in fruits, honey, dried fruits are great as a treat, so see if you can make some energy balls or have a bowl of fruit with full fat greek yoghurt.​

~ Keep an eye on what you cook with. Packaged and glass jar sauces are FULL of hidden sugars, so try and cook from scratch as much as you can - it's easier than you think, you just need to be organised.​

~ If you have a drink as a habit, on a Friday night with some treats for instance. Still have a non alcoholic drink like tonic water with ice and lemon with your nuts/crisps/whatever you do and you won't feel like your missing out.​

~ Pinpoint when in your day/week you are most susceptible to giving into sugar and be prepared with ​ some sugar free treats.​

~ Be accountable - do it with a friend/husband/wife​

~ Note how you feel in a diary and really start to see the difference quickly. It will spur you on to continue!

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