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Winter Workouts are HARD - Change your mindset


Exercising at this time of the year is so hard and you have to have a certain kind of motivation to get yourself up and off the sofa in the dark, wind, rain and ice!!

But winter is a long time and do you really want to be hibernating and comfort eating for the next 5 months?! The answer is no if you are sat there thinking twice about it! :)

This time of year is when I have the biggest drop off from clients and hear every excuse under the sun as to why they can't come to class...

So what can you do to fight off the sofa demons?

- Think about how you will feel after you've worked out

- Lay out your workout clothes, lay everything out that you need before you go to work or the night before

- Set an alarm for when you are due to get ready for your workout - write something positive on the alarm note that will stop you thinking twice about not going to class

- Go with a friend. It's so much harder to not go when you've promised someone you'll meet them there

- Lay out your PJ's and promise yourself a hot bath and movie for when you get home

- Just do it! As soon as you stop and THINK about not going, you won't go. You just need to get home, get your work out gear on straight away and keep your mind in that doing rather than thinking about it mode!

Finally, just keep in mind that you are in charge of you, so only you can decide whether to make a change to your life or not.

So be kind to yourself, put yourself first and make a change.

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