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RELAX - No really, sometimes you need to do nothing!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Relax they say!

I, like most women, struggle with this.

I always knew this holiday was never going to be the most relaxing, but I also knew I had to find a way to relax.

Life has been a bit mental for our family this last year and I usually cope quite well being busy, juggling 10 plates in the air, but this last month or so I have felt very much overwhelmed and anxious.

I know when I start to get anxious that something at some point needs to give. So I knew I had to somehow just let go and chill. Stress as we know is so bad for us, but still we go at life 100 miles an hour and we wonder why we become ill. At our age we need to be so much more conscious of these signals, read the signs and do something about it. Relax.

Easier said than done!

Hating the Americanism here, but I have allowed and given myself permission to have some days of doing nothing on this holiday, absolutely nothing. Not even leaving the apartment. Just drinking tea, working on my computer and doing the stuff I enjoy. In the past I would have felt guilty about this, thinking I had to make the most of every second, but relaxing IS making the most of every second, if that is what your mind and body needs. And mine does.

As I get older, I do find this easier though. One thing about reaching our age is that you know yourself so well, you know what you want and you are strong minded enough to just go for it, do the thing you want to do and to hell with what others think.

My husband is used to me being extremely active on holiday, so I think he's been shocked by how sloath like I've been. But my body and my mind have needed it so, so much, so I've given myself permission (there I go again) to not feel guilty about doing what I want to do, being lazy, enjoying the freedom of doing nothing and taking away the guilt!

Do you feel like you know yourself more now that you are older? How do you relax?

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