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Peri Menopause - use this time to make a positive change

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

My Positive Take on Peri/Menopause​

I look back on my last almost 49 years as fantastic; I've had a great, full life, but I also see a lot of negativity.​

~I felt guilty for not using my degree​

~I felt guilty for being a stay at home mum​

~I felt guilty for going back to work​

~I took rubbish jobs so I could work around my kids. Jobs that crushed my self worth and completely knocked my confidence.​

~I've felt mothers guilt almost daily

~I put my family first, second, third, fourth.....​

~I ignored the high levels of stress in my life and stopped looking after my mental health​

~I fed my kids healthy food and skipped meals myself or ate crap food​

~I stopped doing stuff I loved to do​

~I rushed everywhere, constantly saying "I don't have time for me"​


I'm seeing this time as MY time, I'm going to be a little more selfish and I'm not going to feel guilty about it. I know as a parent, I will be a parent forever, but now is a time for positive change. For ME!​

What's on your list? What would you like to change? Have you put on weight, do you not exercise anymore, has your confidence diminished, are your stress levels high, are you just too busy/overwhelmed with life!? Guess what? You can change, things can get better! ​

Menopause is not the end of your life, but it can be seen as an alarm bell to make changes and to make them now.​

I see this time as the most ideal time to look at that list, see what is wrong with my life and make solid, positive changes so that my life going forward is happier, healthier and less stressed. We've got many more years left in us and we can't carry on as we are; stressed and not looking after ourselves holistically. Making changes is not always just about diet and exercise, in this day and age we need to think about our stress levels/sleep/anxiety too!​

Some things to think about and where to make changes​

~Your sleep​

~Your movement/exercise​

~Your food/nutrition/supplements​

~Your stress/how you relax​

~Your joy/passion/what makes you happy

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