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Peri Menopausal - Wake Up Call

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Don't start making changes to your diet and health once you are IN Menopause. Start at 40!!

At 40 you are heading into peri menopause or are already in it and this is the IDEAL time to look hard at yourself; your health, fitness, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and​ make positive changes. Every woman in their 40s should be thinking about getting themselves in tip-top shape so that when menopause happens, it’s as good as it can be. THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! As a woman, you might live until you’re 90, so how do you want those next 50 years to be? How do you want to feel? Do you want to have energy, do you want to feel strong, fit, healthy. Do you want to look young, feel young or do you want to give up, allow the weight to pile on and allow old age to creep in.

It's your choice and the sooner you start to make positive changes, the better.

This time right now is a reminder that you can make choices and change your life for the better. Peri menopause may start slowly and may be unnoticeable at first, but the more you can be aware of the symptoms, the more you can be in control.

You may start with putting weight on around the middle that you can't shift, hot flushes, mood swings, sleep disturbance, achey joints. The list goes on.....and on......t's so easy to dismiss these symptoms, especially if you are still having regular periods. But keep a tab on all these little changes to your body, because it most probably is the start of the very long journey into menopause. Menopause can last ten years, so you will probably be feeling some changes in your 40's. ONE OF THE MAIN THINGS YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON #1 STRENGTH TRAINING This can be working out with weights or using body weight - Pilates and Pilates Conditioning are perfect because they focus on the whole body strength training in Pilates and body weight and light weight training in my conditioning classes. These classes also focus on flexibility, core and mobility training in each and every exercise we do.

Think more whole body, rather than muscle specific. Functional (whole body) training is perfect. In the past you may have been a keen runner, but now you need to think more about what is the BEST exercise for your body. And strength training if you can also bring in mobility and flexibility is bang on! (Pilates and Pilates Conditioning are perfect!) As we age we naturally lose muscle mass, but for women this happens much quicker than men and on a much bigger scale. TWO MAIN REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO INCREASE MUSCLE MASS Muscle mass protects our bones and prevents Osteoporosis and Osteopenia as we age

Muscle mass helps us to maintain a healthy body weight by decreasing fat cells, meaning it helps you to maintain your weight much better than you would by just doing cardio training (example running) So don't leave it until it's too late. If you're 40, get on it today!

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