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Barefoot Training - Why you should give it a go!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


I LOVE barefoot training. I don't go as far as running barefoot (some people do!) but I do try and include as much barefoot training in my week as I can.​

When you come to my class, I encourage you to take your shoes and socks off, but I leave it totally up to you if you decide to join me! ​It's a personal choice.

However, here are some of the reasons why I'm such an advocate...​

Applying barefoot training to your workout, you'll notice improvements in overall stability, body awareness, foot/ankle strength, and proprioception. When we do balance work and the muscles in your feet move like crazy - well that's your proprioceptors firing up - the nerves and receptors in your feet and ankles which are ignited and send signals throughout your kinetic chain.​

Exercising barefoot (or with socks with grips on the soles) allows the bones and muscles of the feet to develop strength, which helps improve our balance, co ordination and movement in our everyday activities. ​


~ May help to improve overall foot, ankle, and even whole body biomechanics.​

~ Often improves your body’s natural ‘gait’ and walking pattern.​

~ Improves strength and stability of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments which helps us move more efficiently and reduces injury risk.​

~ Improves the health of our Achilles tendon (which often causes injuries, especially in sport) and lower limb muscles such as the calf and tibia.​

~ Helps improve our whole body’s coordination and balance - more muscles and proprioceptors fire up when we train barefoot.

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