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Menopause & Cardiovascular Health

Most people in general think that it’s men who die from heart disease and not women as they get older.

But take a look at this 1st post picture (take a close up look as it's a real eye opener/shocker, the difference in stats from less than 45 years to above in women) to see that actually, as we age, we are almost JUST AS LIKELY to die from heart disease as men are


- In the UK 28,000 women per year die from heart disease each year

- That averages 77 per day

- 3 every hour

Many women are unaware of the risk factors of heart disease, so don’t put health interventions in place to combat heart disease.

This becomes more of an issue as women head into their menopausal years.


Well as you probably know, at this time in a woman's life, oestrogen is declining

Oestrogen has a number of effects on the cardiovascular function and also cardiovascular disease. When we are younger, we get all the natural benefits of oestrogen without even realising it.

As oestrogen naturally reduces during menopause, you may start to see....

- Central obesity

- Insulin resistance

- Dyslipidemia

- Elevated Triglycerides

- Reduced HDL - The GOOD cholesterol (H - think Happy to help you remember)

- High blood pressure

- Hypercoaguable state - blood clotting

As this is already happening NATURALLY, we really don’t want to be adding fuel to the fire by carrying on like we are 25; not exercising, not looking after our stress level, eating a diet high in fat, sugar, processed food, drinking too much alcohol.....



I'm sorry, I do feel like I'm repeating myself and coming back to the same old, same old, but to make change, we need to

- Be eating a type of Mediterranean diet

- Cutting down on alcohol, processed food, sugar....

- Exercising regularly

- Dealing with our stress

It's very obvious that bad habits need to change as you head towards menopause, but having the knowledge to know WHAT to change and finding out WHY you need to change is key to you opening your eyes to this perfect opportunity for you to look and to start a fresh with your diet and wellbeing.

The above is an excerpt from my upcoming Menopause course, but if you would like more menopause top tips click the link below to sign up to my email list

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