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Low on Energy Levels - let me help

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


Are you experiencing low energy? A lot of people who come to my class, or email to say they can't come tell they are just far too tired to exercise.​

Spring is here, a fresh start, the nights are getting lighter, which means we have longer to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. This is the perfect time to start to make some changes!​

If you are always saying you're tired, you have no energy, I've wrote the following to hopefully help. I'm going to keep it simple to not bombard you with info, but if you change one or two things you may start to feel a difference. If you continue to feel tired or you're just not feeling your usual self, don't hesitate to book in to see your GP.​

I've started with the really simple, no brainer changes that are very easy to implement into your life - Hope it helps :)​


Are you getting enough? If you're not getting enough down time, you're not exercising and your diet is sugar and alcohol rich, then you will struggle to sleep. Have a look at how you are managing your week and see if you can make some positive changes.​


Are you drinking 6 - 8 glasses a day?​


Are you moving every day?​


Make sure you're eating something first thing in the morning. Slow release energy foods are best; porridge (not refined, get the jumbo rolled oat variety), poached eggs on wholemeal toast. If you can't stand breakfast try a coffee and a banana​


Are you over doing it? Ditch the sugary drinks and swap to water​


Can you cut down?​


Again choose the slow energy release carbs; oats, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal rice, legumes (chick peas, red kidney beans, black beans - throw them in a curry!!)​


Best varieties for energy are bananas, dark berries, strawberries, avacados (yes a fruit apparantly) apples ​


Fill your plate with them!​


Try and get 2 lots of omega 3 fatty acid fish into your diet each week; mackerel, tuna, salmon. It's easy to open a can for lunch, mix it with some hummus and spread it on some wholemeal toast - perfect lunch! ​


Are you iron deficient? Check with your GP first, but if not you can up your iron with supplements and you can include lots of green leafy vegetables into your diet.​


If you are peri or menopausal, you may be in need of upping your B and D vitamins. Have a chat with your local health food shop for advice​


High in essential fatty acids they are a great on the go source of energy. Don't eat too many though as they are high in calories.​

Starting tomorrow and to welcome spring back into our lives, I'm sending out little changes you can implement into your life every day that will make a big difference to how you feel. ​

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