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Gut Healthy Herbs and Spices

Gut Health Simplified I will be talking a lot about gut health over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out, but here is a little introductory post.

A happy, healthy gut environment (your microbiome) is absolute key for maintaining many different aspects of your health. 1 - It keeps you regular 2 - Better sleep 3 - Strong immune system 4 - Boost your mood - can reduce anxiety 5 - Helps manage a healthy weight A really easy way to add some gut health goodness to your diet is to throw some herbs and spices into your food Here are some of the best Ginger Turmeric Cinnomon Bay leaves Cardomon Cloves Oregano Other things you do for gut health Manage your stress Cut down on alcohol, sugar and processed food Eat plenty of fibre Drink plenty pf water Get plenty of sleep Exercise Eat fermented foods; e.g - Greek yogurt, kefir, soughdough bread...

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