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Sunday Blues - It's real

That Sunday dread feeling....are you feeling it?​

"The Sunday Scaries (or Sunday blues, as they’re sometimes called) are feelings of anxiety or dread that happen the day before heading back to work. According to a LinkedIn survey, 80 percent of professionals say they experience the Sunday Scaries, with over 90 percent of Millennials and Gen Z reporting they feel it"​

Quote from Headspace Blog

Kids are back to school tomorrow, you may be feeling a little sad about that or maybe your kids are anxious and you're taking their anxiety on board.​

You may have taken time off and it's your first day back for a while or it may just be that you get that back to work Sunday blues feeling every Sunday.​

Whatever it is, we all feel it, so don't think it's just you, it's not.​

I know some of you are feeling a little nervous about coming back to class. I'm here to say please don't worry, just get your bum to class and I can help with the rest. The hardest thing sometimes is just having the motivation to put your trainers on.

What can you do today to help? ​

- Try and get out for a brisk walk today​

- Get all your fitness gear ready, water bottle etc​

- Use a bright colour and write your exercise days into your calendar for the whole half term​

- Write a food plan for the week and just buy in what you need. ​

- Listen to something positive. I love listening to podcasts to give me a positive mental boost when I'm dog walking. Have a look there are loads!​

And once you get to class this week, I promise....​

- You won't be judged for doing nothing over summer. I've taken 4 weeks off exercise and I will not be feeling 100% either. It's going to be tough for me too!​

- You can take a break anytime you want​

- You can get rid of your weights ​ until you start to feel strong again​

Stop being hard on yourself. Motivating yourself to exercise over summer is so hard, so don't worry, you are not alone in feeling sluggish, if you've put weight on and if you don't feel great. But you need to start somewhere​

Your body needs to ease into exercise after time away and if you go for it like a crazy person on Monday, I promise you won't be exercising again for a good few days. ​

I'd rather you ease in on Monday and then be able to go for a walk on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We need to get you back on track with an exercise ​ routine, change that mindset of "it's going to be so hard" to "yes it's going to be challenging, but I just need to get back on track. Next week will be better and by week three I'll be completely back on it!"​

So I encourage you to take it easy for the first few weeks. I certainly will be!​

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