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Self Care Ideas

Stressed? Try this

We are all running around stressed these days. As we approach menopause, our stress buffer hormones (which helped us deal with stress) is declining, meaning that we are putting more pressure on our nervous systems than ever.

The #1 thing you need to be doing during the menopause is to find ways to help you to de stress. You need to try and do this on a daily basis. Be more selfish and start putting you first. Reduce your caffeine, sugar and alcohol to really help your body to de stress.

Among other benefits, de stressing will help you to

Sleep better

Regulate your weight better

Regulate your mood

Help with hot flushes

Feel more in control

Try and fit into your day something that relaxes your nervous system.

- Sleep/rest

- Move/exercise

- Guilt free me time; massage, pedicure, sauna, swim, go shopping...

- Get outside for some fresh air

- Spend some time alone

- Listen to music

- Stroke the dog/cat ​ for 10 minutes - brilliant stress buffer!

- Cook a meal (If you love cooking)

- De-clutter a room/drawer/wardrobe

- Watch a feel good movie

- Go for a walk

- Do something you love

- Have a hug

- Plan a holiday

- Read

- Meet a friend for a de-caf coffee - Laugh!

- Plan your week/month

- Hot bath, use Epsom salts to increase your magnesium too

- Do puzzles

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Everyone needs to take note of this; life's too short take a step back and view the bigger picture there's so much truth in this article.

May 29, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Victoria. Agree completely xx

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